Driving a car with a cracked windshield is very dangerous and illegal. You can’t ignore this cracked windshield, especially when driving with passengers. Any chips or pieces of that cracked windshield of the car might come on to hurt the passenger's eyes due to heavy wind pressure. So, a lot of risks is involved there when driving a car with a windshield that needs to be repaired or to be replaced. Most people don’t know about how to replace a cracked car windshield without asking for any professional assistance.

How to Replace Your Car's Cracked Windshield

Also, some of you might be having some questions revolving in your mind regarding windshield matters. Well, no need to worry because we’ll go through all of the issues and matters one can deal with when it comes to changing the car’s windshield. At first, we’ll get to know what are the types of windshield’s damage and when to repair or replace a car’s windshield.

When to Repair or Replace a Car’s Windshield?

That’s a very important question because people are not aware that their car’s windshield needs to be repaired or replaced. In order to decide either you’ll have to replace the car’s windshield or repair, we have to know the damage type of your vehicle’s windshield. There are two types of damage your car’s windshield can have, one is a cracked windshield and the other one is a chipped windshield.


In case your car’s windshield is chipped then there is damage in the form of little stars or like small dots like little dents on the glass. If there is a crack on your windshield then it could be vertical, horizontal, or in any shape.


     When to Repair- In case there are small chips or cracks then you can repair your car’s windshield. In order to repair those small chips or crack, you’ll have to inject a special resin formula into that damaged windshield area having small chips or cracks.


     When to Replace- If there are more than 3 cracks and the size of the cracks or chips is large then it is highly recommended to get your car’s windshield replaced as soon as possible.


Tip: It is recommended to clear all of the moisture around the windshield and its damaged area after windshield repair. The issue is that when moisture freezes it can damage the resin filling and areas of the windshield having chips and cracks.

How to Replace a Car Windshield

Finally, it's time to get to know how you can replace your car’s damaged windshield. We’ll go through all the steps required to replace a windshield. We would ask you to pay attention to every step and keep all the instructions in mind. You’ll end up causing damage to your car if you skip any step. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go down and have a look at every step we need to follow in order to replace a damaged windshield.

How to Replace Your Car's Cracked Windshield

Step 1- Use required hand tools like a screwdriver or knife to remove your car’s rearview mirror and other things attached to that old windshield.


Step 2- Start removing windshield gasket, wiper blades, and the plastic molding present there along with your car’s old windshield.


Step 3- It’s time to separate your car’s windshield from that welded area using any knife blade or razor. Also, use a knife to cut the urethane seal before removing a windshield.


Step 4- Start pushing the windshield out from inside of your car to remove it smoothly and gently without causing any damage. Doing so will remove


Step 5- After removing a windshield, you have to clean the area around that windshield section by vacuuming the dust and debris. Also, use any scraper or knife to remove rust and the old urethane layer. In short, you have to clean that area around before placing a new windshield.


Step 6- Now clean the perimeter of a new windshield using a glass cleaner or any other solution.


Step 7- Start applying urethane on the perimeter of the new windshield and on the old urethane layer. It is recommended to follow your urethane product’s instructions to avoid any problem.


Step 8- Lay a urethane layer smoothly and continuously right on the perimeter of the windshield’s frame. In case you are applying urethane by hand then put the urethane in the bowl along with warm water for one hour before you go for applying urethane. You can also try out the air or electric-based caulk gun to lay on urethane without wasting energy and time.


Step 9- Now you need to place the new windshield right after you are done with urethane application. Don’t let the urethane get dry before you go for placing a new windshield.


Step 10- Position your new windshield to let it get fit in that area without sliding on urethane.


Step 11- After positioning your windshield on the spot, let the urethane make that bond with a new windshield in its curing time as recommended by urethane’s manufacturer.


Step 12- Start reinstalling all things back like a rearview mirror, gasket, wipers, etc. Also, it is recommended to visit your car dealer or any professional mechanic to let your car’s ADAS system recalibrated


Congratulations, your car’s windshield has been replaced without having any issues or problems. It is recommended to use any Auto Glass Cleaner to keep your windshield sparkling clean and safe from any stubborn spots. 

When to Drive after Replacing a Car Windshield?

The answer to this question depends on the curing time of adhesives used in the replacement of a windshield. During hot days, it takes less time to replace a windshield and the curing time of adhesives also gets short in Summer. On the other hand, all cleaners and primers like urethane and others take more time to cure in low-temperature, especially under 40 degrees. You’ll have to warm those primers and adhesives to make them cure fast.


According to technicians and auto experts, it might take about 30 to 80 mins to get the cure of an adhesive before you can actually drive your car. In the end, it depends on the temperature and the curing time of primers used in Windshiel’s placement.

Which is the Best Windshield Glass for Cars?

There are lots of brands and manufacturers working in the market offering windshield for almost every car model. In case your car’s windshield has been broken and you want to buy a new one then you’ve got two options.


1.    OEM Windshield Glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

2.    Aftermarket Windshield Glass

1- OEM Windshield

‘OEM Auto Glass’ as the name telling itself, it's the same windshield as of your car’s first genuine windshield screen. In simple words, the OEM auto windshield has been manufactured by the same manufacturer who had manufactured your car’s original windshield. So, the OEM windshield is all about genuine and higher in quality. This specific windshield is expensive but it is worth spending money.

2- Aftermarket Windshield Glass

Aftermarket windshield screen is the glass that is manufactured by any third party company which means the manufacturer of this windshield is not the same who has manufactured your car’s original windshield.


Now the question arises here is which one is better? OEM Windshield or Aftermarket Windshield Glass. It all depends on how much you want to spend because if we compare both types of windshields, OEM stands on the top. The reason why the OEM auto windshield is best is because of the quality and safety standards of such windshields.


In case, you want to save your money then an aftermarket windshield would be the best option for you. There are many aftermarket windshields available in different quality of glass and safety. In short words, OEM is the best when it comes to safety and quality but you can also go for any reliable aftermarket windshield if you want to save some money. Visit CarWashTricks.com to explore more automobile DIY guides.


As an overall summary, we can conclude that it is better to replace a windshield rather than driving with a cracked windshield putting passengers’ lives at risk. We’ve gone through the whole process of replacing a windshield by following all proper steps in detail. We came to know that the OEM windshield is way better when it comes to the safety and quality of the glass. Also, we got to know many do’s and don’ts one has to keep in mind while replacing a windshield. We’ve realized that you can repair your car’s windshield by filling resin into the small cracks or chips in your damaged windshield screen. In the end, if you want to replace your car’s windshield then you’ll have to follow each and every step mentioned in the guide.