Top 10 car accessories you can buy under Rs.500 (Best accessories of 2018 )

Every single car owner always spends some amount on car accessories.Do you know?that which is "the best car accessories you can buy under Rs.500".You can buy these car gadgets from online as well as from your nearest car accessories shop.Car accessories come in many categories some are essential gadgets while some are decorative accessories.Here we Show you the complete list of Automotive accessories you can purchase for your car.These are the best car accessories in 2018. we also provide best buy link where you can check the price of these car gadget accessories.

1)  Mobile Phone Holder under 500 RS ➤

Mobile Phone Holder under 500 RS

If you are driving most of the time with the help of google maps then is gadget is surely for you.Because it helps to hold the mobile and easily attach to the front windscreen as shown in the picture.This car gadget is very useful for receiving calls without interrupting your hands.Mobile Phone Holder comes in different shape and size show you can choose according to your mobile size.In term of Durability, it is made up of ABS material that is last longer than your phone.This Automotive accessory is also available in online store.
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2)Car Blind Spot Mirror  ➤

Car Blind Spot Mirror

So if you don't know what is blind Spot then please google it and watch video on youtube.Because this can save your life on the road or someone else's.The person or two-wheel which is very close to your car's side is not visible through mirrors because You can not see 100% area from your left and right side mirror.So to overcome this problem generally people use blind spot mirror which is very useful on road.In the blind spot mirror, we can see all vehicles passing through your side.You can buy this product from any car shop near your house.This is best car gadget accessories you can buy online.
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3) Mobile Phone Car Charger ➤

Mobile Phone Car Charger

This thing is required by every single person who sits in your car or you as well.Suppose if you are going on a long trip and your phone is running out of battery then this small gadget comes handy to charge all your gadgets like Mobile, Tablet, Bluetooth.If you are using google maps for directions then your mobile battery drains very quickly.So to keep the battery charged you have to plug your mobile into this gadget.Generally, this charger comes with a 2 port one is 2 Amp and another one is 3 Amp.You can get good quality charger under 500 rs.These are the best car accessories in 2018.
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4) Multipurpose Car Cloth ➤

Multipurpose Car Cloth

A good quality dry cloth is required when you have to wipe up the foggy windscreen or any mirror of your car.This Multipurpose Car Cloth has many microfiber properties to absorb liquid very quickly and it will clean up your car from inside and outside in no time.
I am sure at present you are using some dirty cloth to wipe the dust from your car.Now to time to upgrade to new material that is perfect for this work.It can last long for a year.
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5)Dashboard mat Anti Slip ➤

Dashboard mat Anti Slip

This small dashboard mat is made of rubber gel, which is helpful to hold items like mobile phone, keys, and wallets. The anti-slip mats have nanofiber that holds dashboard very well and your gadgets.It is made up of rubber so there are no scratches on your dashboard or mobile.You can check the best price of this product online from here----> BEST BUY LINK

6) Backseat Food Tray ➤

Backseat Food Tray

have you ever eat inside your car and mess up with the food.Then you required a proper backseat food tray to eat proper even car is moving state.This Backseat Food Tray is made up of good food grade material and easy to fit and remove.This is perfect for children to eat properly.You can buy this product online at ---> BEST BUY LINK

7)Car Seat Belt cushion and neck Cushion ➤

Car Seat Belt cushion and neck Cushion

Have you ever feel back pain .shoulder pain while driving then this is all you need.This neck cushion is very soft and it gives a good support to your neck and another cushion is for the seat belt.If anyone in the car wants to sleep then this seatbelt cushion is very useful for them because it will give full support to neck a person feel more comfortable while sleeping.
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8)Car-Air vent cleaner ➤

Car-Air vent cleaner

Ac vents are getting dirty every weeks and we don't have the exact equipment to clean that narrow ac vet so we have decided to introduce a particular product for this particular problem.This Car-Air vent cleaner ca clean AC vents, door buttons or any small area where we cant reach properly.This should be in your car.
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9)Best car air fresheners ➤

Best car air fresheners

Air fresheners are also an essential thing to have in a car.But people should have their own taste of smell.So we don't recommend any Air freshener to you.These are the best car accessories in 2018.But you can buy some good air fresheners online here-->BEST BUY LINK

10)Fire extinguisher for car ➤

Fire extinguisher for car

This is the essential thing that can save your life.If you are running a CNG car then go and buy this Small fire extinguisher now.Because CNG cars have more Probability of catching fire as compare to any other petrol or diesel car.Although this is just an idea we want you to be on safe side.This will definitely cost lesser than any future loss.This is an essential part of Automotive accessories.You can buy this product online at -> BEST BUY LINK

Verdict ➤

Here we show you the "Top 10 car accessories you can buy under Rs.500 ".These are the best car accessories in 2018.If I would be at your place then I have ordered all of these gadgets and accessories that I don't have in my car right now.We provided Some good Quality Link to buy these gadgets and accessories.If we miss any of your favorite accessories then please comment don bellow or let us know which car accessories is your favorite.Stay tuned with "" for Automobile news and updates.
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Disclaimer: Some Specifications/features may vary after the final product launch.


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