5 hacks to Remove Fog from a Car Windshield during winters

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If you are facing a problem of fogging windshield then you are at right place.We tell you exactly why this happens and how you can rid of this problem in no time.Fog on windshield caused when the cold air outside hits your warm windshield and same happen during summer when hot air hits the cold windshield.So how can we overcome this situation? The answer to this question is very simple and quick.All you have to do is maintain the temperature of your windshield with the temperature outside.Here we explain 5 best hack to remove fog from your windshield or window during winters.

1) Use AC to remove Fog from a Car Windshield

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The first step is to put AC vent into fresh air mode(As you can see in the picture).The second step is to Shift the air flow directly to the windshield(see picture).The third step is to use blower at speed of 2-3 to quickly remove the fog.You can use this process until the windshield is completely fogged free.This Trick works in every car.This is the only best way to remove fog from window and windshield.The best things about this hack is that you can use it in all weather condition.

2)Use Form base Shaving Cream

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We have tested this in the real world and we were surprised to see the result of Form base Shaving Cream on the foggy windshield.Shaving cream contains nanoparticles that repel the water from the surface.So how to apply Form base Shaving Cream.
  • Clean the windshield of the car with a soft cloth.
  • Apply a small amount of Form base Shaving Cream to a tissue paper towel or 100 percent cotton cloth.
  • Wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel until clear.This hack works really well if you do it properly and last for many days.You can Re-apply as needed to maintain fog-free condition.

3)Use anti Fog liquid

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There are many products available in the market to remove fog from the windshield.Anti Fog is one of them.This is based on nanotechnology.Anti Fog liquid reduces interior fogging and removes blur vision.It also helps improve visibility.
Can be re-applied to maintain fog-free condition.the process of applying anti-fog is same as above procedure.

4)Roll your windows down if you can

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If your car is in a safe area, roll your windows down a bit. This allows some fresh air to get into the car and prevent the windshield from fogging.This hack is best for the summertime because you don’t want to risk any snow getting into your car during the winter.

5)Lower the temperature in your car for 20 sec

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Because fog is occurring due to differing air temperatures, all you have to do is getting the air temperature inside your car to match the air outside will reduce fog. Turn your car blower on the highest setting, and turn the air temperature low as cold as you can bear for 20 sec and all fog will disappear from windshield quickly.This is the fastest hack but also the coldest, so be ready to shiver a bit!


All these "5 hacks to Remove Fog" is working fine with almost every Car Windshield.Although we do not claim that these trick will work 100% on your car but you should at least try this at once before buying any product like anti-fog.If you have any questions about Fogging windshield then please comment down below or you can send mail at ASK@autoadvice.in

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