Maruti has launched its new Spresso against its rival Renault Kwid. Both cars come in the same petrol engine option in the same price range but the Dimensions of both cars are totally different. Maruti S-presso is a tallboy design and Renault Kwid has a hatchback design.S-presso Has a very good ground clearance of 180 mm and looks like mini SUV whereas Kwid has a more advanced look and better interior quality. Let see the comparison in detail.

  Maruti Spresso VS Kwid 2019
Spresso vs Kwid

Maruti Spresso VS Kwid Price

The Kwid comes with less starting price that the S-Presso. The Kwid starts at just Rs. 2.83 lakhs with its 800 cc engine. However, with the bigger 1.0L engine, the Kwid has a much higher starting price than the S-Presso, yet both cars finish off at about the same mark for both the manual and automatic gearboxes. On paper, both these cars are very close but the Kwid seems worth some extra money considering it looks and feels much more premium than the S-Presso. The last verdict would count on how they drive. Well, for that stay tuned to Auto advice.

Kwid interior

Maruti Spresso VS Kwid Interior Comparison

The inside interior of the Kwid has only resembled from the older model but it still looks fresh and clean. The Multi-color approach with colored inserts just like the S-Presso somehow works very well. Its a pretty unique design and nothing quite as funky as the S-Presso interior but it still looks amazing.The steering wheel, instrument cluster and 8-inch touchscreen are all new and come directly from the Triber. There’s also large ‘Kwid’ lettering on the dashboard. In the AMT, the gear selector is a little dial on the center console like in Jaguar cars. Overall, it looks like a pretty nice cabin.

Spresso interior

Instrument Cluster of Renault Kwid looks more premium and futuristic .If we talk about overall quality of dash board then kwid is far better than maruti Spresso.But if we consider service and maintenance cost then Spresso is  ahead of Renault kwid.  

Instrument cluster Kwid

Maruti Spresso VS Kwid Exterior Compare

The Maruti Suzuki S-Presso has been construct to look like a mini SUV, but much smaller in term of dimensions. The company literally calls it a ‘micro-SUV’. The design is very new from Maruti and it gets a tall nose with a flat hood for an upright stance. The bumpers are big and chunky and there’s good amount of body cladding on the sides and the rear. The grille design is all-new and gets some chrome inserts with LED DRLs on the bumpers.  

spresso vs kwid
comparison KWid vs Spresso

The Renault Kwid on the other hand has a much towards hatchback design. It has perfect proportions and easily looks the better of the two. The face gets a large grill that is much in line with larger Renault’s. Like many new cars, it gets split headlamps and the LEDs on either side of the grille with the main headlamp cluster on the bumper have been very tastefully designed. The Kwid also gets body claddings but it has been better executed here and seem more proportionate with the rest of the car. Also, the top-spec Climber variants gets some unique styling elements with funky colored inserts which really lift the design of the car.

Tail light compare
Tail light comparison

 Maruti Spresso VS Kwid engine Comparison

Comparing the engines of the S-Presso and the Kwid, they both are powered by 1.0-Liter, three cylinder engines which put out similar power and torque figures. They both have 68 bhp and 90-91 Nm of torque. There’s nothing separating them on that front though. Also, both cars come mated to a either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 5-speed AMT. Where the Kwid has en edge is that it also gets a smaller 800 cc engine which makes 54 bhp and 72 Nm of torque. It only comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Budget Car: Maruti Spresso VS Kwid 2019
Interior Comparison

Spresso and Kwid Dimensions Compare

The S-Presso measures a significant 166 mm shorter in length than the Kwid which means it also has a wheelbase that is shorter than the Kwid by 62 mm. The Renault Kwid is also 59 mm wider than the S-Presso. Where the S-Presso has a little edge over the Kwid is with its height as it measures a considerable 74 mm taller than the Kwid and that should free a lot of headspace in the cabin of the car. That said, the Kwid has also grown in dimensions from the pre-facelift model.

Budget Car: Maruti Spresso VS Kwid 2019
AMT and MT