Learn to drive car during bad weather [Quick Tips]

It is very difficult to drive a car in bad weather according to research done by American scientist 22% of all road accidents happen due to metrological factors. here are a few bad kinds of weather Driving tips that can help prevent car accidents. This article is for those who are driving first time in bad weather. Bad weather is directly or indirectly affect your visibility during the drive. If you drive slow and keep attention to few tips then you can drive in any weather condition.

1) Drive in a foggy 

If you are driving in foggy weather then please make sure that your side windows should be rolled down so you can hear what is going around. 
The next step is to turn your headlight on a low beam because if you put a headlight on a high beam it is very difficult for you to see the front vehicle. Many accidents happen In India during the foggy season. People should drive slow and use dipper and horn whenever needed.
 "Go Slow" is bad weather Driving tip number 1.

Learn to drive in bad weather

2) Drive on a slippery road

if you are riding on a slippery road then make sure that you are riding within a speed limit because on a slippery Road car tyre grip is reduced by 50% if you have to make a sharp turn then your vehicle should be at slow speed. If your car has attraction control then Switch it on.
If you are riding an abs car then it will help you more on the road because abs prevent your car from the skid. If there is snow on the road then you won't able to drive a car fast. You should use the extra grip on tires that are available online/offline stores. Keep this thing in your mind if you press a hard brake then you may lose grip on the road.
2nd Tip is Don't press hard brake 
Learn to drive in bad weather
bad weather driving tips

3)Drive During Rainy day

If you ever drive a car on a rainy day then you know that it is very difficult to see far. We recommend using a low beam at that time. You can also use good quality rain protector for your windshield that won't let water drop to stick on it. Mostly rain lasts for a few hours in India so we recommend avoiding that time if you are not an experienced driver.
3nd Tip is always use low beam headlight


All these hacks and tips are not guaranteed ou to keep you safe but may reduce the accident on the road and help you to reach safety from point A to point B. Have you ever had to drive in bad weather? Are you aware of other useful tricks? Please share them with us in the comments!