Tyre is the most important thing in a vehicle and many people confused about how to check Car tyre expiry date and when to replace car tyre. There are a few factors that may tell you about the condition of your car tyre. We have covered all the important points in this article so sit tight and read this article completely. 

How to calculate the expiry date of tyre

Learn When to replace Car Tyre and check expiry date?

The manufacture date is the actual key to find out the expiry date. Department of Transportation (DOT) code is engraved on tyre as you can see in the above image. You will see a four-digit number (for example 2616). 

Now when you crack this code you will get to know that 26 is the week of the year and 16 is the number of years. So according to this code, the manufacturing date of this tyre is June 2016.So expiry date will be June 2021 of this tyre.

 Now Current guidance suggests that tires should be expected to last a maximum of only five to six years.

Check Tyre conditions

There are many easy ways to check the condition of your car tyre in just a few minutes. The following methods are very effective and let you know if it the right time to change the tyre or not.

Checking the car tread by coin

Learn When to replace Car Tyre and check expiry date?

  • You can use a coin to quickly check the car tread depth. Insert the coin between the tread, with Lion capital upside down. If the head of the lion disappears in the grooves of the car tyres, then your tyres have enough tread depth.

Checking Tread indicator

Learn When to replace Car Tyre and check expiry date?

  • There is another way to check the tread depth by looking at the tyre tread level indicator as you can see in this image. If the third level indicator is on the same level of foot tread pattern then it's time to change the tyre. 

Check by measuring tool

  • Another way of measuring tread is by using a professional depth measuring tread. Recommended minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm.

Check any tear and cuts

Learn When to replace Car Tyre and check expiry date?

  • In your spare time, you can open the tyres from the car and check them for scars and tears so as to repair them. This can prevent you from buying new tyres every now and then.

Check the number of punctures

Learn When to replace Car Tyre and check expiry date?

  • We know that the number of punctures goes up, the danger of tyre bursting or getting a puncture again goes up. So, even though the tubeless tyre could tolerate more than 5 punctures, but it is recommended to replace the tire after 3/4 punctures.


We should check our car tyre on a regular basis and always maintain the optimum pressure. and it is always recommended to do wheel balancing and alignment after the fixed interval of time. this type of practices may improve the life of your car tyre and let you know When to replace Car Tyre.