6 things you should know before you go to India’s expressways

Indian expressway is connecting many states to each other.It also reduces the time taken to reach from point A to point B. because generally, all expressway has high-speed limits.So if you are never been on expressway then you should be aware of these things we are going to tell you about India's expressway.The Yamuna Expressway is one of the biggest and newly built concrete expressway in India.

1. tyre bursts at High-speed →

As we all know that most of the Indian expressway is made up of concrete and we all know that concrete is enemy of the tyre.Because when a tyre continuously running on concrete at high speed it increases tyre pressure due to friction between concrete and tyre and tyre will burst if it cant hold up the pressure.Concrete also reduce the life of tyre.

Now the Question is how we can overcome this situation?
  • Always buy good quality tyre and it should not more than 5 years old
  • Put nitrogen into tyre as an air (It is also available at all expressway in India)
  • Reduce tyre pressure a bit low or check it before your journey
  • Always Drive in Speed limit
  • Take a halt in between your journey.

2.Sleeping problem while driving →

India’s expressways are all straight road without many turns So people are getting bored and it tends to nap.To overcome this situation we recommend to take a regular break during your journey and if you feel sleepy Stop driving because it can cause damage to you as well as another person on road.

3.Animals on road →

Animals could be a problem on the expressway because it tends to jump on the road. Even expressways are barricaded to stop entry of any such animals on the active road, there have been many cases of cars hitting animals on the expressway. The problem becomes worse during the night when the visibility is really low.

4.Fog →

During winters fog is the greatest danger on the road because fog causes low visibility.The driver may not able to see anything clear and drive according to taillight of the following vehicle.We recommend you to use fog light and keep your al indicators on and if it necessary then uses a horn to keep telling another vehicle your existence on road.
You can also wait for the weather to be clear to start your journey.Because being late is better than an unexpected accident.

5.overtake mistake →

Fast vehicle always moves into the right lane.You should always overtake vehicle from the right side.Overtaking from the left can cause a serious accident.because people are not often using back mirror on the long/empty expressway.if there is a vehicle in the right lane you can give pass light or press horn to get a pass.This is the right way to drive on the expressway.Always follow traffic rules on the expressway.

6.Lack of fuel pumps →

There is always the shortage of fuel pump on the long expressway.For example, Noida-Agra expressway has very few petrol pumps.So we recommend you to check your fuel before entering to the expressway.


If you take few simple precautions then you will never face any problem on the expressway.Our duty is to keep updating you about the situation that can occur during long highway journey.If you have any question about the expressway then you can ask us at ask@autoadvice.in.Stay tuned with auto advice for more updates about car and bikes.

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