User experience of selling his car to CARS24 [Detailed Review]

"Four years back, I bought my first car Maruti Celerio. Now, I want to upgrade my machine. Thus, I decided to sell my car. But it is not an easy task as it involves putting some ads on the internet, attending hundreds of calls from buyers. Being a businessman, I don’t have enough time to deal with such a hassle of selling a car. The car was in good condition and got it serviced on time. After spending time on this selling process, I decided to sell the Cars at CARS24 . I found a store near Neelam Chowk, Faridabad.

CARS24 Review

CARS24 Detailed Review

Browsing through the website, I booked an appointment as per my convenience slot and day. After I reached the store, the receptionist checked in my appointment and the evaluator inspected the car. The inspection covered a lot of parameters such as the condition of the engine, tyres, controls, exterior body, interior, and many other things. The inspection took around 30 minutes and they generated a report based upon the process.


I asked them a few questions regarding the payment and RC transfer. So, they explained to me very clearly and gave me complete information about how the process works, and what are the benefits of selling a car at CARS24. All I had to do is provide them with all of my car documents (RC, insurance, bill, ID, 2 keys, Loan doc, etc) and sign a few papers required for the RC transfer. After Inspection and Auction, they instantly transfer the funds into my bank account.

Below are the following reason, I didn’t sell my car to any local dealers:

  • Trust issues regarding RC transfer. They might use the car until the next buyer is found. If any mishaps happen, the legal case is on you.
  • They don’t have the proper equipment for the inspection and evaluation, hence improper pricing
  • They offer a token amount and then the rest of the payments in installments.

Hence, I decided to sell my Car at CARS24. What I liked about them:


  • Professionalism from appointment to the inspection. They handled all my queries well and gave complete information. Hence, a very transparent process.
  • A very quick inspection in 30 minutes and the final price comes in an hour.
  • CARS24 takes care of RC transfer and provides you with legal support as well and the customer protection policy of up to 5lacs.
  • Got instant payment from them in my bank account.

Book your free appointments today and sell your car easily with CARS24!"

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