Top 10 best Mobile mounts for bike

Mobile mounts help to Navigates the rider throughout his ride. It is a necessary thing in term of touring and hyper riding. Mobile mounts are easy to put on handlebars and it really helps to communicate with mobile while riding. There are many good mobile mounts are available in the market. We choose the top 10 value for money mobile mounts for our riders. Have a look
mobile mount for bike

1)chevik Mobile mount with USB Charger (Price - 1,099 INR)

This is a very unique mobile mount from the brand Chevik. It also comes with a USB port. This is a complete package for mobile. Its unique Xgrip design fits well with almost every type of mobile. The company gives 6-month warranty on this product. With X-Grip you will never get lost on the road and you don’t need to worry about running out of battery on the go. The 5V 2A output can charge your mobile as fast as your mobile charger. Quality and reliability are really good.BEST PRICE LINK ➜ Amazon. This is best Mobile mounts for bike.

2) Taslar® Bike Mount (Price 399/-)

This is cheap and best mobile mount available in the market with the best durability. The clamp comes with 4 support corners to ensure your phone stays securely attached throughout your ride. You can easily install this in any bike or scooter. It's unique design help rider to attach the mobile in no time. BEST PRICE LINK ➜ Amazon

3)BIPM Universal 360 Degree mobile mount (Price 199/-)

This is the cheapest mobile holder you can buy online today. Its Clamp structure to hold the phone firmly even in the case of strong bumps and super high speed. This is a highly durable product from BIPM.we have tested this product at high speed for many days and we have impressed with its quality and durability.if your budget is low then you can consider this product.BEST PRICE LINK ➜ AmazonThis is best Mobile mounts for bike.

4)Blackcat Mobile Charger with Holder (Rs 649/-)

This is a mobile holder along with the mobile charger. So you can charge your mobile while navigating. This is non-vibration mobile holder comes with non-slip soft-touch foam to secure your mobile phone all-around to guard against any accidental falls. Its Sturdy design - strong handle-mount design ensures that no matter how bumpy or rugged the road is, this motorcycle mobile phone mount will hold your cell phone securely and rigidly to keep it safe from slipping off This comes with 1-year warranty.BEST PRICE LINK ➜ Amazon

5)Iceberg Mobile Mount (Price 699/-)

This is Flexible and 360-degree rotating waterproof mobile holder, can provide your ideal viewing angle, and can grip your phone vertically and sideways firmly. Buckle Structure Phone Holder Guarantee your phone not falls off from the holder, and with soft protective pads for your cell phone, can keep your phone in the bike sturdy & stable. If you want to navigate in the rainy season then this is the perfect product for you.BEST PRICE LINK ➜ AmazonThis is best Mobile mounts for bike.

6)AlexVyan Mobile mount (Price 330/-)

This is another very basic mobile mount that serves the purpose well. It has a Clamp structure to hold the phone firmly even in the case of strong bumps and super high speed. This is Suitable for phones from diagonal screen size 4-6 inches and thickness of 6 to 12 mm. Its frame can be rotated 360.BEST PRICE LINK ➜ AmazonThis is best Mobile mounts for bike.

7)ZEKE 3.5-6-inch mobile mount (Price- 1289/-)

This mobile mount has very unique X-Grip Four frosted rubber feet will hold the phone firmly even in high speed and off-road, the spring loaded X-Grip cradle expands and contracts, allowing for a perfect custom fit of your cell phone. It also Equipped with a 5V 2A USB charging port, quick speed, and high-efficiency charging, never worry about battery short for cell phone or GPS device when on a road trip. Fit for 12-30V motorcycle, electric bicycle, scooter, ATV etc.BEST PRICE LINK ➜ Amazon

8)FKU 360 Degree Mobile mount (Price -399rs)

This mobile mount has One Touch locking feature helps to place your phone efficiently into the bike or motorcycle mount has Soft padding on both arm The back will absorb shakes and protect your phone from scratches. Flexible side wings can be adjusted to hold the most size of a cell phone, GPS, PDA, PSP, iPod, MP4 Player etc360 rotation allows for quick portraitBEST PRICE LINK ➜ Amazon

9)TARKAN™ Adjustable  Mobile mount( Price -399rs)

Clamp structure to hold the phone firmly even in the case of strong bumps and super high speed.
Suitable for phones from screen size 4-6 inches and thickness of 6 to 12 mm.Applicable for both bicycles and motorbikes (Handle diameter 18mm-30mm)360-degree rotatable structure for advanced usability.Easy to install and dismantle with full control.BEST PRICE LINK ➜ Amazon

10)Andride Motorcycle Phone Mount (Price- 799rs)

It has a Multi-functional design, USB charger and mount holder 2-in-1Easy to install, gives you the perfect solution for phone use while driving riding. Fast charging, Perfect hold BEST PRICE LINK ➜ AmazonThis is best Mobile mounts for the bike.


These are the best mobile mount you can buy online. A mobile mount is a very necessary thing for a rider. It helps to navigate through mobile maps while riding. Some mobile mounts come with a charging point. Those are more convenient. We also provide best buy link for you to check product price online at low price.

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