Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes in 2020 India

Daytime running lights are very necessary for bikes and cars during day/night. Daytime running lights always help you during bad Road conditions or Stormy weather. It also enhances the overall looks of car/bike Here we have a list of Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes in 2020 India. Have a look

1) Autosun 6 Inch 18W 6" Flood Led Work Light DRLs

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This is Auston 6inch Led 18W Fog Light Round Spot Beam it has Best Quality Fog Light With Full Aluminium Housing And Stainless Steel Holder. it can be fit on SUV/cars/bike.very bright LED light helps commuter to see properly on the road. as we all know that LEDs are power-saving so it takes less power from a battery and as per our review this is Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes India

2)AutoStark U1 LED Motorycle Fog Light 

Bike projector light guide

Its a Waterproof DRLS cum fog light with No Strain on Battery. Bright Light High Beam, Low Beam, and Flashing Modes.these light are cheapest among Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes India.

3)Allextreme 2 X 27W Heavy Duty Flood Round Work Led Light 

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These are the 9pcsx3w High-Intensity Leds, Total of 27W at 6,000K Color Temperature, broad The viewing area, which will offer you a better driving has High Performance, Withstand Harsh Environment: Diecast Aluminum Housing for Strength and Durability. Upgrade PC lens surface with high light transmission, IP67 rated waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes India.

4) Andride Universal Pair Motorcycle 20W 2000LM LED Spot Light 

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It Has USB charger inbuilt which can be used for Mobile Charging, Speakers, etc SAE certified, SAE stands for the society of automotive engineers, all the lights are passed through SAE only after they pass certain tests to prove their quality standard dot Certified Lights: DOT stands for the department of transportation which certifies that the lights can be used on roads for driving purposes and is totally legalMade from die-casted aluminum, which makes it heavy-duty, non-breakable, anti-rust and gives it the ability to withstand heavy impacts The fog light also has a white ring on the outer to give this light a very elegant yet catchy look from a distance Sleek back design to consume minimum space after installation This comes in set of 2 can be used for night driving, mountain driving, fog driving, highway driving, off-roading activities. Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes India.

5) All Extreme 6 LED Fog Light for Bikes

Best light for motorcycleThese are the IP67 rated Waterproof/dustproof/quakeproof,anti-corrosion for harsh environment, Projects light at an extreme distance but ensure high brightness in close quarters Softer glare-free light will not dazzle the on-coming traffic Bending aperture system to reflect unused light for a clean beam. Full aluminum housing for extra durability while doubling as heat sink.Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes India.


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