Top 10 reason to buy 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift

Finally, we got a chance to Drive the new "2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift" on 19th & 20th of Jan and here we show you "The top 10 reason why you should buy 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift in India".Maruti Suzuki Swift has been ruling the hatchback segment since 2005 and now in 2018, we got a fresh model of Maruti Swift.There are 4 different engine variant available for Maruti Suzuki Swift - diesel automatic(AGS) and diesel manual, petrol automatic(AGS) and petrol manual. Let us give you the details review of features, Specifications and price expectation of 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift.This new model looks more muscular and futuristic.We Drove the car near the city and we would like to share our experience.

Swift 2018
2018 Maruti Swift
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1) 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift looks

The new generation 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift looks more muscular than the previous model.Although it still has the shadow of a previous swift model.At front side, the new model of swift got a new bolder grille, LED projector headlamps and Daytime running lights on the top end variants.The rear door handle of Maruti Swift is moved to upright corner as we saw in Chevrolet beat model.That gives a more sporty look to the car.Rear view of Maruti swift 2018 is assembled from BMW series cars.Tail lights are bit enhanced from the back that gives the more muscular look and makes it more premium hatchback.Mat black casing around the window added more value to this car.

10 reason to bu Swift
Swift 2018

2) 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift interior and features

Interior of 2018 Maruti Swift is totally changing from its previous model.As we entered the cabin we got an adequate headroom and legroom at both rear and front side of the car.The 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift is more spacious, especially in the rear seat. Its boot space is also increased by 30% than the previous model. The front seat of Maruti Swift is equipped with shoulder support and ample bolster.The rear is seat is now more comfortable for 3 passengers at back.Build quality is definitely improved as previous generation swift.

Talking about the dashboard features of Maruti Swift 2018 that we saw is multimedia system instrument console and climate control system.The top-end variants of Maruti Swift  (Zxi/Zdi) get the touchscreen infotainment system attached to the dashboard with Apple Car Play feature and Android Auto support, Mid and top-end variant also get audio control on Steering wheel.

3) 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Price

The price of the Maruti Swift is not yet declared.However, we assumed price could be between 5-9 lakh in India.Suzuki Swift 2018 is overall good package and it will sure attract many young consumers who are expected to upgrade their old Maruti swift.

4) 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Engine Specification according to Variants

Maruti Swift comes with 1.3 Litre DDIS diesel and 1.2 Litre Petrol engine option. Both these Models has the 5-speed manual or a 5 speed AMT transmissions.Here is the detailed explanation of engine and performance of Maruti Swift 2018.

1197 cc
1248 cc
61 KW@6000 RPM
55.2 KW@4000 RPM
113 NM@4200 RPM
190 NM@2000 RPM
3840 mm
3840 mm
1735 mm
1735 mm
1530 mm
1530 mm
2450 mm
2450 mm
Ground clearance(MM)
268 mm
268 mm
Ker Weight(KG)
955-985 kg

5)2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift  Diesel Manual Engine Specs

The 1.3 Litre DDIS diesel engine is kind of similar to the previous model. It gives a maximum power of 74 BHP and peak torque of 190 Nm.Swift diesel Response better in between 1500 RPM to 2000 RPM.The demerit of the diesel engine is that when you accelerate high engine become noisy and noise can filter through the cabin.Although noise insulation of cabin is working perfectly.You will get 20-24 real-world mileage although company claim 28 KMPL of mileage on diesel variant of 2018 Swift Diesel Manual.

6)2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift  Diesel ASG Engine (Automatic) Specs

The ASG model of Maruti Swift 2018 is fun to drive.Most of the time engine RPM is above 1500 so there is no turbo-lag and the engine feels more peppy and agile on road.Although gears are not that much smooth as compared to other AMT hatchback in this segment.But you can Make 22 KMPL mileage out of this car in the real world.

maruti Swift 2018
Maruti Swift

7)2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol Manual Engine Specs

The1.2liter petrol engine of 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift gives 82 BHP of maximum power and 113 Nm of peak torque.The petrol engine is more refined and quiet as compared to previous model Swift.It feels like we are driving Baleno or Brezza.The petrol engine is fun to drive and over 2000 RPM its like hot knife in butter.

8)2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol ASG Engine Specs

The petrol AGS engine specs are same as a manual variant.This is the best variant among all.If you want to buy hatchback with automatic transmission then this is model we recommend to you.Gear shift is so smooth you can make 16-18 KMPL mileage in the real world.The engine is less noisy and you don't feel less power at any RPM.

9) 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift  Ride & Handling 

Maruti Swift Strongest point is Ride and handling.This car improved a lot in this field.Chassis of Maruti Suzuki Swift gets more strong and light in weight.Enthusiast driver knows the benefit of good chassis response and stiff suspension.Swift 2018 model work really well around the corner and feel very agile on road.This would be considered as a budget sports car in India.If you are willing to buy peppy hatchback that gives better mileage and have tons of features then this should be your pick.

Swift by suzuki 2018
2018 Maruti Swift

10)2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Service and maintenance

As we all know that Maruti is considered to be the best car company in India in term of service and maintenance.Maruti Has one of the largest service networks across India.Maintenance is not that much high for Maruti swift 2018.Although we assumed its Price of maintenance is lesser than its competitor in this segment.Life of engine is very good as many satisfied customers verified that.

11) 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety

Safety is the first preference as we think on Indian roads.Before doing the final review of car we give Special attention to the safety of car for the driver as well as fellow passengers.2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift has dual SRS airbags and ABS as standard features of all variants, "2018 Maruti Swift" obeyed all the safety standards as required by law and regulations.

Should you buy this?

These are the "Top 10 reason to buy 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift" If you are in the market for a small hatchback car then 2018 Maruti Swift is a very good deal for you. It drives great, it is powerful, premium and sporty.Although the price is not yet declared we assumed that it would be from 5 to 8 lakh Indian rupees.Maruti Swift 2018 is one rival of Baleno and Tata Tigor Because these cars come in the similar price range.If you have any questions about Maruti Swift 2018 model then feel free to comment below.Trust factor on Maruti Swift is so high that people will overbook 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift before its physical visible on road.

Disclaimer: Some Specifications/features may vary after the final product launch.


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