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TVS Apache RTR200 VS Pulsar NS200 performance bike for beginner

TVS Apache RTR200 VS Pulsar NS200

compare Apache rtr 200 vs pulsar ns200
Pulsar NS200 vs Apache RTR 200

Apache RTR200 4v is top most product from TVS in India till date in Indian market. It competes directly against Bajaj pulsar NS200 (2017 model). it's only available in carburetor fed version.moreover  fuel injection system and ABS version will come soon this year.

Engine and Performance

New 2017 pulsar ns200 has 199.7cc displacement engine that gives maximum power of 23.5bhp@8500RPM that is more then enough for the city ride and highway touring.Where as Apache rtr 200 Gives 20.2BHP@8500 RPM .But the biggest difference is refinement of engine and here apache rtr200 wins.Engine is So Smother even at high RPM. Moreover torque is same for both bikes 18NM but apache gives it earlier at 7000 RPM as compare to Pulsar NS 8000 RPM.Both bikes have amazing touring capability even you can taek this bike to leh-ladakh.

Build Quality & Style
Honestly Speaking TVS has slightly better Quality then Bajaj in India. As per my personal experience my apache rtr 200 never put up any problem since last year. whereas my friend who has pulsar AS facing problem with gearshift and rusting beneath engine.
Both bikes are street naked and well design to impress young generation of India.although RTR200 has better front look with eagle eye DRL.

Top Speed and Acceleration
Pulsar ns200 has higher bhp so it has better acceleration from 0-60 kmph in just 3.6 sec where as apache rtr 200 score 3.9 sec.This is not much difference to talk about.

Top speed of pulsar NS200 is 136 KMPH as comapre to apache rtr200 has 127kmph ,but some videos on youtube show that apache rtr can cross 140 KMPL.

Weight and Dimension

Pulsar NS200 is slightly heavier,longer and wider then apache rtr200 .but apache rtr has better ground clearance of 180MM. This help the rider on off-road and bumpy roads of India.although both bikes has same suspension setups .Telescopic fork in front and mono-shock absorber at  rear.


In real life if you want performance then you have to sacrifice with mileage. Despite this apache rtr is giving 30-35 mileage around the city and 35-40 on highway same as NS200. A free advice for you  if you want better mileage then always ride 60-70 KMPH this is ideal speed for maximum mileage output.

Price Ex-Showroom

Here apache RTR200 wins because its approx 6000/- cheaper then bajaj NS200 .India is very competitive market for automobile industry. these price are showroom price and subject to change a bit according to states.

If your budget is around 1,00,000 and looking for best performance bike then these could be your options.As per my advice go and take a test ride before make up your mind.both bike are superb.
you will never regret if you chose either NS or apache rtr.

if you have any question regarding these bikes please feel free to comment down below or mail me

Disclaimer: This is an Unbiased review by Auto advice .that means 100% honest.

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