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Top 5 most essential Accessories for your car -

Top 5 most essential Accessories for your car
Top 5 most essential Accessories for your car -

Buying a car Accessories is most important thing after getting a car. People generally confuse that which car accessories is important or not.These accessories may help you to tackle most of your problem on highway trip.We take all the situations in mind and make a list of Top 5 most essential Accessories for your car

1) Dual USB Car charger 

Dual USB Car charger
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Mobile Phone are the necessity of daily life .Now you can charge your phone while drive to home or going on along highway trip .This Dual USB car charger will help you to charge all of your electronic device and you will never run out of battery .It has two port which can be used simultaneously to charge 2 device.These car chargers are very light weight and capable of charge any device because it has 5V power.This car charger also have a LED indicator .Simply plug the charger into your car's cigarette lighter, and it's ready to start charging one or two portable devices at a time.This is must have accessories for your car.

2)  Emergency Light Flashlight for car

Emergency Light Flashlight for car
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If you are a responsible driver then this accessories should be in your car Emergency Flashlight
Emergency light is the essential accessories for car .It help to indicate,flash light ,breaking window glass,emergency Siren and lot more features.This cheap and best Flashlight can help someone's life.
During night if stuck somewhere and you need help or you want to indicate someone then this flashlight can take you out of then trouble.

3)Towing Tow Rope And Cable (Emergency Kit)

Towing Tow Rope And Cable (Emergency Kit)
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Suppose you stuck on highway and help is few miles away then this little tool help you to get there.Towing rope and cable help your vehicle to tow .Anyone can help you i f you have Towing rope .So people can easily take your car to the mechanic.This cable can hold tons of weight.If your car stuck in mud then this cable take you out with the help of other vehicle.Its also helpful in other ways also.

4)Fire Stop Car Fire Extinguisher with Stand (400-500 ml) 

Fire Stop Car Fire Extinguisher with Stand (400-500 ml)
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Fire extinguisher (400-500ml) with holder case or stand with Non-toxic and friendly formula and 
Perfect for your car and wherever you like. Fire extinguisher can save your car from fire. this is very useful accessories for your car.Fire extinguisher must have accessories in car. Fire can be light up in any situation at gas station or engine overheat or it may be fuel leakage.this tool really handy and easy to use .You can also help others or this can help you prevent fire at home or backyard.

5)Air Compressor + 2 Ton Hydraulic Bottle + Puncture Repair Kit 

 Puncture Repair Kit
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This is a combine kit for your car Tyre .this kit can be useful for puncture repairing and Tyre changing or can  useful to inflate flat Tyre. this is very easy to fix Tyre puncture itself.It is the most essential car kit must have. Air compressor is useful to lift your car up to do those task.All in All this is cheap combo pack you ever get on internet.At first yo have to use air-compressor to lift up your car and then check the spot where puncture occur then use kit to fill the gap with poly-carbonate strong material then inflate Tyre with air-pump. it can be easily fit to the port.


These 5 are the most essential Accessories for car and you must have those.In term of prices these accessory are not cost more then your life.If you are a responsible drive and you think that safety of your family is first priority then these kits and accessory are in your must list.

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Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india

Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india

Daytime running lights are very necessary for bikes and cars during day/night. Daytime running lights always help you during bad Road condition or Stormy weather .It also enhance the overall looks of car/bike Here we have a list of Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india .Have a look-

1) Autosun 6 Inch 18W 6" Flood Led Work Light DRLs

This is Auston 6inch Led 18W Fog Light Round Spot Beam it has Best Quality Fog Light With Full Aluminium Housing And Stainless Steel Holder. it can be fit on SUV/cars/bike.very bright LED light help commuter to see properly on the we all know that LEDs are power saving so it takes less power from battery and as per our review this is Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india

2)AutoStark U1 LED Motorycle Fog Light Bike Projector Auxillary Spot Beam Light.

Its a Waterproof DRLS cum fog light with No Strain on Battery.Bright Light High Beam, Low Beam and Flashing Modes.these light are cheapest among Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india.

3)Allextreme 2 X 27W Heavy Duty Flood Round Work Led Light Fog Driving Drl Offroad Suv Boat Truck Atv Car

These are the 9pcsx3w High Intensity Leds,Total of 27W at 6,000K Color Temperature,broad The viewing area ,which will offer you a better driving has High Performance,Withstand Harsh Environment:Diecast Aluminum Housing for Strength and Durability.Upgrade PC lens surface with high light transmission,IP67 rated waterproof,dustproof and shockproof.Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india.

4) Andride Universal Pair Motorcycle 20W 2000LM LED Spot Light Driving Fog Lamp Auxiliary Light USB Port Phone Charger

It Has USB charger in built which can be used for Mobile Charging, Speakers etc SAE certified, SAE stands for society of automotive engineers, all the lights are passed through SAE only after they pass certain tests to prove their quality standardDOT Certified Lights: DOT stands for department of transportation which certifies that thelights can be used on roads for driving purposes and is totally legalMade from die casted aluminium, which makes it heavy duty, non-breakable, anti rust and gives it the ability to withstand heavy impacts The fog light also has a white ring on the outer to give this light a very elegant yet catchy look from a distance Sleek back design to consume minimum space after installation This comes in set of 2 can be used for night driving, mountain driving, fog driving, highway driving, off roading activities.Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india

5)AllExtreme 6 LED Fog Light / Work Light Bar Spot Beam Off Road Driving Lamp 2 Pcs 18W Cree,Universal Fitting

These are the IP67 rated Waterproof/dustproof/quakeproof,anti-corrosion for harsh environment, Projects light at extreme distance but ensure high brightness in close quarters Softer glare-free light will not dazzle the on-coming traffic Bending aperture system to reflect unused light for a clean beam.Full aluminum housing for extra durability while doubling as heat sink.Top 5 daytime running lights(DRL) for bikes india.

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Top 10 Full-Face Helmets under 2000/- Rupees

Top 10 Full-Face Helmets under 2000/- Rupees 

top 10 helmet under 2000

Full face Helmets and Open face Helmets are trending these we have alist of  Top 10 Full-Face Helmets under 2000/- Rupees .
Helmets are the most important gear for two-wheeler and its very ceap to afford.Indian government and traffic Police aware people about its benefits of saving life during any accident occur on road because precaution is always better then cure so its a request to all riders to always wear helmet while riding."Top 10 Full-Face Helmets under 2000/- Rupees" here we show some best full face helmet under two thousand rupees.these helmets are also available on amazon at very cheap price compare to market shops.

1)Studds Professional Full Face Helmet (1,020/- INR )

This Studds Professional helmet is very affordable and  ISI approved company .Solid bult and scratch resistance properties .Red reflector at back side of helmet gives higher visibility at has new design and Regulated density EPS concussion padding.If your budget is around 1 thousand rupees and your are looking for cheap and best helmet then this should be your pick.You can check price on  amazon for best deal


2)Vega Black Crux Flip-up Helmet (1,389/- INR)

Vega Black Crux Flip-up HelmetVega Black Crux Flip-up Helmet available with Extra Tinted Visor now it is easy to make full face helmet to open face helmet. Vega is known for its quality and styling.vega crux look like Premium quality helmet.Its futuristic design gives racing look to the helmet


3)Steelbird Men's ISI Certified Helmet Adonis Majestic (1399/- INR)

Steelbird Men's ISI Certified Helmet Adonis Majestic

Steelbird Men's ISI Certified Helmet Adonis Majestic available with Plain Visor In Matt Finish and  smoke visor.Adonis Majestic has amazing design that fee like astronaut helmet.though its very light weight and easy to wear on long rides.Its provide good safety to chin and nose area.Graphics on Adonis Majestic helmet is so amazing and admire by young generation people.
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4)Steelbird SBA-1 AIR (1599/- INR)

Steelbird SBA-1 AIR

Steelbird SBA-1 AIR is one of the best open face helmet available in the has air vents, so during summer it provide good airflow throughout the scalp area and very comfortable.visor is also scratch resistant and easy to remove and change.very light weight and good view angle.Best full face helemt in indiabuy helmet


5)Vega Flip-out Boolean Dull Black Men's Full Face Helmet(1819/- INR)

Vega Flip-out Boolean Dull Black Men's Full Face Helmet

Vega Boolean helmet is light weight and made up of ABS material.It has single button open face has extra smoke visor for better view .build quality is superb and CAD advance technology enhance its usability. 
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6)Studds - Full Face Helmet - Downtown Full Face Flip Off(1895/- INR)

Studds is very known brand in india .Downtown Helmet is popular because it is very Dynamic ventilation system for increased air flow during long summer ride. Studds Downtown has unique design that stand out and attract to young also equipped with EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen.This is best "Top 10 Full-Face Helmets under 2000 rupees" 


7)Steelbird Premium ST-ST-002-C Full Face Helmet(2000/- INR)

Steelbird Premium ST-ST-002-C Full Face

This is best helmet under Top 10 Full-Face Helmets under 2000/- Rupees . Its External shell made up of Aerodynamic, molded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic) which gives good Ventilation: All air-vents are adjustable, Air-vents on the chin, an air-vent on the upper part of the shell, rear feels more premium at affordable price.


8)Vega Gliss Graphics Designer Full Face Helmet(2000/- INR)

Vega Gliss Graphics Designer Full Face Helmet

Vega gliss is in top 10 full face helmets. has Different look without side covers and Unique Shape. Its features are detachable visor, Rear mounted dual part, exhaust vents.Vega gliss helmet is very stylish and easy to visible .it is available with pain visor and smoke visor. Vega gliss is design for long riders and very popular in India due to its affrodable price.


9)Vega Offroad Dull Anthracite Dual Visor(2000/- INR)

Vega Offroad Dull Anthracite Dual Visor

Vega Offroad Dull Anthracite is a special type of off road helemt that provide good visibility with high has Airflow from the front to the back which flushes heat & humidity out.with advance CAD technology vega off-road helmet is king among these .it also has inner goggle.that help rider to view more efficiently. 


10)Steelbird Premium BANGI Motocross Helmet with Double Visor

(2000/- INR)

Steelbird Premium BANGI Motocross Helmet with Double Visor
This is also a off road helemt with External shell, Aerodynamic, molded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic)Ventilation: All air-vents are adjustable, Air-vents on the chin, an air-vent on the upper part of the shell, rear  has dynamic ventilation system which allows you to wear the helmet for those long rides, without having to feel suffocated, hot and sweaty and it also promises utmost resistance and toughness.

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TOP 5 Reason you should buy KTM DUKE 250

TOP 5 Reason you should buy KTM DUKE 250
5 Reason why you should buy KTM duke 250

ktm duke 250 bike

KTM is a king of Sport-bikes and motorcycle enthusiast in India.Its recent bikes are Duke 250 and Duke 390.Here we show you top five reasons that why you should buy KTM duke 250 as compared to any other bike in this category.

1)Duke 250 Design

Duke 250 has all new design of sharp tank panels, sleeker tail that attract young generation guys. Its front design is a bit belligerent .There is LED DRLs besides headlamp that appeal to overall look of the bike .Body paint of duke 250 is astonishing ,we should appreciate work of  KTM designer .People will definitely  turn their heads to see this beast roaring around.

2)Power and Performance

KTM duke is recognized by their power and performance .Here Duke250 gives 29 BHP at maximum torque of 9,000 RPM and talking about the Torque which is 24 NM at 7500 RPM. which is the topmost in this segment.
Duke 250 Acceleration figure will mesmerize you because it takes only 3.4 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 KMPH and 8.6 sec to reach from 0 to 100 KMPH .Duke 250 also capable of achieving the highest speed of 150 kmph.

3)CHASSIS ans Suspension setup

This KTM Duke 250 has best in class chassis its FRAME DESIGN with Steel trellis and powder coated.weight ratio of bike is just perfect for better ride quality and handling.Duke 250 has WP upside-down 43 mm Suspension in front and mono-shock Suspension at rear side.


The main Reason why people buy duke 250 is the riding position of 65 ° which is best for touring as well as daily city rider.the SEAT HEIGHT 830 mm of duke is Flawless.when i test this bike i felt that i can ride this bike all day .

5)KTM Duke 250 Mileage in city and highway

It gives 30 KMPL approx mileage in city rider and 34-36 KMPL on straight highway which is pretty good .If you are looking for a performance bike then you have to Sacrifices with the  mileage. considering all this aspects Duke250 mileage is appreciate able.

KTM duke 250 is a young generation bike .Its Futuristic design and DRLs Stole people heart .if you are a Bike enthusiast then probably Duke is your dream bike.its available in 1.73 lac ex-showroom(Price may vary according to state).If you have a this budget then you should take test ride now before make your mind for perticular motorcycle.Other motrcycle of this price range and rivals of KTM duke 250 are Bajaj Dominar 400 and Mahindra Mojo 300.

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TVS Apache RTR200 VS Pulsar NS200 performance bike for beginner

TVS Apache RTR200 VS Pulsar NS200

compare Apache rtr 200 vs pulsar ns200
Pulsar NS200 vs Apache RTR 200

Apache RTR200 4v is top most product from TVS in India till date in Indian market. It competes directly against Bajaj pulsar NS200 (2017 model). it's only available in carburetor fed version.moreover  fuel injection system and ABS version will come soon this year.

Engine and Performance

New 2017 pulsar ns200 has 199.7cc displacement engine that gives maximum power of 23.5bhp@8500RPM that is more then enough for the city ride and highway touring.Where as Apache rtr 200 Gives 20.2BHP@8500 RPM .But the biggest difference is refinement of engine and here apache rtr200 wins.Engine is So Smother even at high RPM. Moreover torque is same for both bikes 18NM but apache gives it earlier at 7000 RPM as compare to Pulsar NS 8000 RPM.Both bikes have amazing touring capability even you can taek this bike to leh-ladakh.

Build Quality & Style
Honestly Speaking TVS has slightly better Quality then Bajaj in India. As per my personal experience my apache rtr 200 never put up any problem since last year. whereas my friend who has pulsar AS facing problem with gearshift and rusting beneath engine.
Both bikes are street naked and well design to impress young generation of India.although RTR200 has better front look with eagle eye DRL.

Top Speed and Acceleration
Pulsar ns200 has higher bhp so it has better acceleration from 0-60 kmph in just 3.6 sec where as apache rtr 200 score 3.9 sec.This is not much difference to talk about.

Top speed of pulsar NS200 is 136 KMPH as comapre to apache rtr200 has 127kmph ,but some videos on youtube show that apache rtr can cross 140 KMPL.

Weight and Dimension

Pulsar NS200 is slightly heavier,longer and wider then apache rtr200 .but apache rtr has better ground clearance of 180MM. This help the rider on off-road and bumpy roads of India.although both bikes has same suspension setups .Telescopic fork in front and mono-shock absorber at  rear.


In real life if you want performance then you have to sacrifice with mileage. Despite this apache rtr is giving 30-35 mileage around the city and 35-40 on highway same as NS200. A free advice for you  if you want better mileage then always ride 60-70 KMPH this is ideal speed for maximum mileage output.

Price Ex-Showroom

Here apache RTR200 wins because its approx 6000/- cheaper then bajaj NS200 .India is very competitive market for automobile industry. these price are showroom price and subject to change a bit according to states.

If your budget is around 1,00,000 and looking for best performance bike then these could be your options.As per my advice go and take a test ride before make up your mind.both bike are superb.
you will never regret if you chose either NS or apache rtr.

if you have any question regarding these bikes please feel free to comment down below or mail me

Disclaimer: This is an Unbiased review by Auto advice .that means 100% honest.