Thursday, 7 December 2017

Top 7 Reason to buy Apache RR 310 TVS bikes

TVS company launched Apache RR310 model to Indian market this week.Its previous name was TVS Akula 310 and now turn to Apache RR 310 forever.Apache RR 310 comes with a price of 2,02,000 (ex-showroom Delhi )and 2,27,000 on road price.Although TVS bike price may vary from state to state.Apache RR310 is pure performance bike.This bike will compete with KTM RC390 and other 300c segment bikes.Here we tell you to top 7 reason why Apache RR310 is the perfect bike for you.We Auto advice Suggest you to take test ride before decide your decision on Apache RR 310(tvs akula 310)

Apache RR 310 png
7 reason to buy apache RR 310

1. TVS bikes Apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) Exterior and Quality

 The Apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) gets a big front-fairing, a protective windshield, and a split headlamp setup. The headlight hold HID projector setups, which further enhance the lightning and premium look of this bike. The LED DRLs looks stylish. Both the headlights will be on low beam.apache RR 310 gets an all-new suspension to improve handling. It provides excellent ride quality over most surfaces. The painted in golden, which further make the bike look sportier. The bike’s taillamp catches attention at the rear.

Apache RR 310 png
Apache RR 310

2.TVS bikes Apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) Price in India

Apache RR 310 Price is very competitive and unique.It's on road price is 2,27,000* INR Delhi. whereas the price of KTM RC 390 goes up to 2.6 lac India.There is no other motorcycle of this specification and have this much price.we are really looking forward to the delivery of the Apache RR 310 by Jan 2018.
Apache RR 310 png
Apache RR 310

3. TVS bikes Apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) Performance and Specifications

It has 4 strokes and 4 valve single cylinder, liquid cooled engine.Displacement is 312.2 CC.Apache RR 310 gives a maximum power of 25KW@9700 RPM(34 PS@9700 RPM) and peak torque of 27.3 NM@7700 RPM.It has dynamically controlled integrated high energy ignition system.Power to weight ratio of RR310 is 0.147 KW/KG.Clutch system of Apache RR 310 is wet multi 8-plate.This model has 6-speed gearbox.
Apache RR 310 png
Apache RR 310

4. TVS bikes Apache RR 310(tvs Akula )  Mileage

The Apache RR 310 gives a mileage of 30 KMPL on the straight highway and 25 KMPL in city ride. Which is best in this segment.
It is very difficult for sports bike to maintain good mileage figure when it meant for racing.TVs did an amazing job.

Apache RR 310 png
Apache RR 310

5. TVS bikes Apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) Acceleration

Acceleration of Apache RR 310 is amazing it can go 0-60 mph in just 2.9 Seconds and Top Speed of 160 kmph.Which is more than enough for India.It can also touch 100 KMPH in just 7 sec.

6. TVS bikes Apache RR 310 Service center

The number of Service Center and Showroom of TS is many and Almost every city has many Service Center so there is no problem of maintenance and part availability like KTM or any other Sports category bike.For example, if you are living in a small city then probably there is no service center in KTM or Kawasaki but TVs must b in your city.So you don't have to go outside for servicing and maintenance.

7. TVS bikes Apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) Special Feature

  • Apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) has  Reverse-inclined engine Which is first time introduce in India.
  • Lightweight Trellis Frame for better riding ability.
  • Dual Channel ABS
  • Anti Back Lift
  • Kayaba Shock absorbers at Front and Rear
  • Temperature display
  • Thermal Management System
  • OIL Cooling with Advanced aerodynamics
  • Dual LED projector lamps even in low beam
  • Two Colour Options – Red and Blue Black
  • Fuel Injection


TVs RTR was a big hit and people still love RTR series.Meanwhile, TVS launched apache RR 310(tvs Akula ) in India with an attractive price of 2.02 lac (EX-Showroom price Delhi). Clearly Speaking in term of performance Apache RR 310 great and in term of build quality, it's even better.
If you are looking for entry level bike then you should try this at once before make your mind for any bike.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

TVS Apache RR 310 Review and Details Specification

TVS launched Apache RR 310 in India with 2,27,870/-* on road price.

TVS has come up with new RR Series: APACHE RR 310.On 6th December 2017 TVS India launched its new flagship bike Apache RR 310 in India with a price range of 2.02 lac (ex-showroom Delhi). Apache RR 310 will compete with KTM RC, Honda CBR 250R, and Yamaha R3.Pre-booking for apache RR310 Will start by end of this month.As er the performance perspective apache RR 310 doing really well on track, it accelerates from 0-100 in 7.1 sec and can go up to 160 kmph.The new model gets Upside Down Front Forks, Anti-Lock Braking System and Electronic Fuel Injection as standard.Some more detailed Specifications are given below.

TVS Apache RR 310 Engine Specification

It has 4 strokes and 4 valve single cylinder,liquid cooled engine.Displacement is 312.2 CC.Apache RR 310 gives a maximum power of 25KW@9700 RPM(34 PS@9700 RPM) and peak torque of 27.3 NM@7700 RPM.It has dynamically controlled integrated high energy ignition system.Power to weight ratio of RR310 is 0.147 KW/KG.Clutch system of Apache RR 310 is wet multi 8-plate.This model has 6-speed gearbox.

Apache RR310 Dimensions

Apache RR 310 has a good seat height of 810 MM and ground clearance of 180 MM which is good for bad Indian roads or bumps.Whereas wheelbase is 1365 MM which helps the rider to take corning confidently.

Apache RR 310 Fuel tank Capacity

Apache has 11 liters of the fuel tank which is enough for the city and touring perspective.Riding range is 300-330 KM which is more than adequate.

Apache RR 310 Mileage 

In city Apache, RR 310 gives around 25 kmpl and on the highway, it gives around 30 kmpl.Which is good as compare to its rivals like KTM duke/RC.

Apache RR 310 Chassis and suspension

it has Trellis frame and split chassis.the front suspension of Apache RR 310 is inverted cartridge telescopic fork and rear suspension is two arm aluminum die-cast has advanced monotube floating piston gas assisted shock absorber.

TVS apache RR310 Wheels and Tyre Size

Front wheel size of this bike is 110/70 r-17 tubeless tyre and rear tyre size is 150/60 r17 tubeless tyre.Stock tyre quality is amazing in apache RR 310.It has Advanced alloy wheels for better performance.

TVS apache RR310 Brake

Brakes are very important for a Sports bike and here apache RR 310 has 300 MM petal disk break with ABS in front and 240 MM disk break with ABS At the back.

TVS apache RR310 Weight and Payload

This bike weighs around 169.5 kg and maximum payload is 130 kg.

Apache RR 310 Acceleration 0-100 KMPH

Performace of this bike is amazing it can go 46 kmph in just 2 seconds.Apache RR goes from 0 kilometers to 100 kilometers in just 7.17 seconds and 0-60 in 2.93 seconds.

Apache RR 310 Top Speed

AS per company TVS claimed Apache RR 310 can go up to 160 Kmph.

TVS Apache RR 310 Exterior Design

The LED taillamp is amazing at night, along with the yellow LED indicators, give a very premium look to the motorcycle. Some part of the TVS Apache RR 310 comes from the BMW G310R. The raised clip-on make the bike more performance-focused. The bike will get tyres from Michelin. Other features of the bike include split seats, a digital speedo console, a sculpted fuel tank and disc brakes at both the ends. The riding position is sporty yet comfortable for long drive. Also, the large windshield will protect the rider from the windblast. Finally, the projector headlamps should offer decent light in the dark. The motorcycle comes in 2 colors – Red and Black.

TVS Apache RR 310 Price and booking

Apache RR310 will cost around 2,02,000/- (ex-showroom Delhi) and 2,27,783/- on road Price.Although Price may vary from state to state.


TVS has done a marvelous job the new Apache RR310 is Amazing Entry level Sports bike.It will compete with KTM RC 390 and other 300 cc motorcycle in the market.Price of Apache RR 310 is worth of its value.Let see how it will perform on India roads.
If you are looking for a sports bike and your budget os around 2-2.5 lac then this could be your pick.Take a test ride to decide is it made for you or not.If you have any questions

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Friday, 10 November 2017

Compare Suzuki Intruder 150 vs Bajaj Avenger 150 Street motorcycle

  • Suzuki launched  Intruder 150 against rival of  Bajaj Avenger 150 Street-Comparison

150cc Intruder cruiser motorcycle has recently launched by Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd in India. This time Suzuki comes with a unique upmarket design.The fairing and bodywork of Suzuki Intruder are amazing.In term of look, there is no other bike in this segment to compete Suzuki Intruder.But in term of the 150cc segment, Bajaj Avenger 150cc is a direct rival of Intruder.Although Bajaj Avenger 150cc is cheaper than Suzuki Intruder.This intruder influenced by M1800 and have an engine that powers the Gixxer 150cc.Let see a list of features that are provided by Suzuki Intruder over bajaj avenger 150.This is the most detailed comparison you can find on the internet.

Suzuki Intruder  vs Bajaj Avenger Design and Style

Both motorcycles have become the direct rival of each other because they belong to same segment or category of 150cc. While the Avenger was a  perfect cruiser since now, but Intruder 150 looks much more futuristic due to stylish alloys and LED projector headlamps.Confort on long distance is what a cruiser bike claims for, and here both bikes provide good comfort.As per looks and design, there is no doubt that Intruder is a real winner here, Led projector headlamps and stylish fairing is what makes it different from other motorcycles in the market.The riding posture of Suzuki intruder cruiser motorcycle with a modern design looks attractive.
It's time for Baja to upgrade its Avenger in term of graphics and features.
Winner - Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki Intruder 150 Vs Bajaj Avenger Mileage City/highway

The new Intruder 150 has the same engine as Suzuki gixxer so it gives 50kmpl around mileage and on other hands, Bajaj Avenger has DTS-i engine that gives around 48 kmpl of mileage.both bikes are similar in mileage.
Winner - Both

Suzuki Intruder 150 Vs Bajaj Avenger ride quality and handling

Suzuki Intruder has an edge in this category because buttery smooth gear shift and excellent riding comfort makes Suzuki Intruder winner in comparison as compare to Avenger.Although Bajaj Avenger is also a good touring bike, it has a bit engine vibration and gear shift is not as smooth as Suzuki Intruder.
Winner - Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki Intruder 150 Vs Bajaj Avenger Power and torque

Suzuki Intruder has Power of 14.5 bhp @8,000rpm and Bajaj Avenger has 14bhp @9,000rpm of peak power.In term of torque, Intruder has Torque of 14 Nm @ 6,000 rpm and Avenger has 12.5 Nm @ 6,500 rpm.An intruder has a high power and torque then Bajaj Avenger.
Winner - Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki Intruder 150 Vs Bajaj Avenger Price In India

Pirce Point is so important when we are going to buy the motorcycle.Suzuki Intruder 150 comes with INR 98,340 and Bajaj Avenger Street 150 comes with INR 80,960.Suzuki Intruder has approx 17000 more cost then Avenger because it has ABS, Alloy wheels with LED projector headlamps.But we make this comparison fair so the winner is Bajaj Avenger 150.
Winner -  Bajaj Avenger 150

Suzuki Intruder 150 Vs Bajaj Avenger Braking System

Bajaj Avenger comes with standard drum break at back and disk break in front whereas Suzuki Intruder comes with ABS Braking System.
Winner - Suzuki Intruder

Some More Detailed Specifications are Below

Suzuki INTRUDER150
Bajaj Avenger 150
154.9cc, single cylinder
149cc, DTS-I, single cylinder
14.5 bhp @8,000 rpm
14 bhp @ 9,000 rpm
14 Nm @ 6,000 rpm
12.5 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Seat Height
740 MM
725 MM
2130 MM
2177 MM
805 MM
801 MM
Ground Clearance
170 MM
169 MM
148 KG
148 KG
Tyre Size Rear
130/90 R15
Front Tyre Size
100-80 R17
90/90 R17
No of gear
Fuel Tank Capacity


Both bikes, Intruder and Avenger Street has the good and similar kind of specs.As per Auto advice take a test ride and decide before buying either of one.Although Intruder 150 has new features and motorcycle is up to market on other hands Bajaj Avenger Street has outdated design and needs the serious upgrade.

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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Yamaha R15 V3 is coming to India !

Is Yamaha R15 V3 launch soon?

The new Yamaha R15 V3 Is coming to India in few months. The new model already launched in Indonesia a few months ago and we are assuming that the Yamaha R15 would come to India in the year 2018. Expected Prices range of the new R15 V3.0 is  Rs 1.32 lakh to the V2.0, the new version of the R15 is an update over its previous version. The new model Yamaha R15 V3 features have a new a new engine, body panels, and more features.Yamaha is always a winner in term of launching budget racing bikes in India. You can check out the available details on the Yamaha R15 V3 India launch date, price, top speed, specs, and other details on this Article.

The new Yamaha R15 V3 2017 model has a powerful engine as compared to the current model. The new body panels have sportier look.But it doesn't have any ABS option for now.As per Yamaha, This bike will definitely attract young people who are looking for a sports bike within a budget.

Comparison of  Yamaha R15 V3 vs R15 V2 ➤

We only talk about the things which are different on both bikes, like New model of R15 v3 has a better engine and it has upside-down forks at front.The new model also has better graphics and dimensions are bigger than its predecessor.its an assumption that Yamaha r15 V3 has higher price value then V2 model in India.

Yamaha R15 V3.0 2017 model's Colours ➤

This bike comes with three color option which is Racing Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Red.

Yamaha R15 V3.0 2017 model's Design ➤

The new 2017 R15 V3 looks like a futuristic racing bike and it will definitely set a benchmark in the Indian Automobile market. The new bike offers aluminum swingarm. The bike comes with dual LED headlamps and an all-new front-fairing.The seat height was slightly up to offer a more comfortable riding position. The design is a head-turner and it feels so stable and made for racing.Yamaha r15 V3 is about to hit Indian market and there is no direct competitor against its, although there are many bikes available in this 150cc segment no one seems to come across this machine.

Yamaha R15 V3.0 2017 model's Special features ➤

Split grabrails
Split seats
140-cross-section rear tyre
Rear mono shock
Upside down front forks
Dual LED headlamps
Electric Start
LED taillamp
Front and Rear Disc Brakes
Front full fairing
Hazard lights
Fully digital speedo console
Forged Pistons
Rev limiter warning light
Slipper Clutch
Fuel Injection
Optional ABS

 Yamaha R15 V3.0 2017 model's Top Speed➤

It has a top speed of 145 KMPH as tested by the company on racetrack and engine is tuned to go up to 160 kmph.

Yamaha R15 V3.0 2017 model's Mileage (expected) ➤

As we don't have that model so our mileage figure is presumed.It has approx 40 kmpl mileage in the city and 45-47 kmpl mileage on the highway.But exact figure comes only when the bike is in the market.

Yamaha R15 V3.0 2017 model's Specifications ➤

In term of Specification, It has Single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine that has 155cc of capacity.It gives Maximum Power of 19.31 PS @ 10,000 rpm and Peak Torque of 14.7 Nm @ 8,500 also has 6-speed Manual Transmission. R15 V3 has a Perfect center of gravity that gives a good riding comfort.It has 11 liters of the fuel tank which is enough for around the city and highways.A good Ground Clearance of 155 mm is more than adequate for bad Indian roads.Its Weight is around 137 kg.

Yamaha R15 V3.0 2017 model's Launch date and price ➤

It may be launch in early 2018 in India.But we can't predict date and price of this model could be between 1.4 lac to 1.5 lac as expected.We will inform you as soon as company informs us the launch date of this bike and exact specification for Indian model.Maybe Yamaha do some changes in R15 V3.0 2017 models for Indian market other than existing in Indonesia.

Verdict ➤

As we all know that Yamaha is a big brand of racing and gave us a lots of racing bikes.This time Yamaha think about the consumer who wants a racing bike under budget and here R15 V3 comes into play.It's totally different from its previous version.Looks like superbike at Reasonable price.Although Honda CBR 150 is new rivals of Yamaha r15 v3. Let see how they compete for each other.If you have any question and suggestion about CAR/bike please comment down below or follow us on facebook or youtube.

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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Tata Tigor AMT variant Launched

Tata Motors released AMT variant of Tata Tigor with Price of 5.75 Onward

Tata Tigor AMT

Tata Motors has recently launched it new AMT variant of Tata Tigor .There is two model introduced XTA and XZA.Tigo XTA has an ex-showroom cost of Rs 5.75 lakh and the XZA price is Rs 6.22 lakh in Indian market.There is no other changes in term of specifications of both models.In Indian traffic an an automatic variant could be a relief.The automatic variant is only available fro petrol version and not yet launched in diesel. Tata Tigor is benchmark for style and comfort in this price range.New thinking of tata motor's Designers did a laudable job that shows up in Tigor. According to "Autoadvice" Assumptions Tata Tigor AMT variant will  boost up sale of tata motor's much high.

According to the Head - Marketing of Tata Motors – “As per the current traffic Situation and growing Traffic levels, an Automatic Variant is the perfect solution to bringing back the happiness of driving in a city, without compromising on Mileage.The direct competitors or rival of Tata Tigor is Maruti Dzire and Hyundai Xcent.

Tata Tigor AMT Variant Colors ➤

Tata Tigor colors are amazing it comes with come fabulous color options look at it.
Platinum Silver
Pearlescent White
Copper Dazzle
Espresso Brown
Berry Red
Striker Blue

tata tigor AMT colors

Tata Tigor AMT variant Price ➤

There is two model on is XTA which is 1.2 liter petrol starts from 5.75 lakh and another variant is XZA ,its is a top variant of petrol  comes  with price range 6.22 lakh.

Tata Tigor AMT variant Specifications ➤

Tata tigor AMT variant has displacement of 1199cc having 3-cylinder, petrol and Made of Aluminum and its a Front wheel drive that
 gives Maximum power of 85 PS at 6000 RPM and Maximum torque of 114 Nm at 3500 RPM .Size of its Bore/stroke is77 mm x 85.8 mm.Overall its a good specification for a mid range compact sedan.The engine has five-speed AMT (automated manual transmission).

Tata Tigor AMT Variant Dimensions ➤

Tata tigor AMT dimensions are same as Manual has Overall Length 3992 mm and  Width 1677 comes with Overall Height  of 1537 mm.Which is quite good for a good headroom inside.Wheel Base is 2450 mm which is more then adequate for bad roads.Boot Space is commendable  419 liters,it can have all of your luggage for long trip.Fuel Tank Capacity of Tigor is 35 liters.

Tata Tigor AMT Variant Mileage ➤

Tigor has a very good mileage figure as per its engine.It has 16 KMPL to 20KMPL mileage range for the petrol AMT variant.Which is best in this segment of cars. Tata motors always makes car while having consumers in their mind and Needs of consumer is what makes automobile company a king of market.

Tata Tigor AMT XTA Variant features ➤

Tigor XtA comes with Full wheel covers for 14-inch steel wheels and a good Infotainment System,Four Speakers,Bluetooth,Navigation.
Steering-mounted Audio Controls is very common these days.Rear Parking Sensors help rider to park hassle free.Two Airbags and
ABS which is compulsory these days for all cars.

Tata Tigor AMT XZA Variant Additional features ➤

Tigor XZA has a 5.0-inch Touchscreen Infotainment System with Four Speakers and Two Tweeters.Reverse Camera for parking
and Automatic Climate Control with 15-inch alloy wheels.These are the additional features what you get with XTA variants.

Verdict ➤

Tata Motors did a amazing job by launching Tata Tigor .This car is appealing more to younger generation,Its futuristic design and topnotch features will persuade anyone for this.Other then that engine department where Tata motors rules is now AMT .If you want a latest and upmarket model and a head-turner then this would be your pick but before making your mind to buy Tata Tigor AMT go to the nearest Showroom and take a test ride today and tell us how you feel abut the car.

If you have anything to share you can comment down below or mail us at

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Friday, 3 November 2017

Honda Grazia 125 launch date and initial Review

Honda has going to launch its new "GRAZIA" on November 2018.Although booking is available now .you can book your grazia by token amount of 2,000 rupees. Grazia automatic Engine is same as activa 125.Grazia Scooter is not yet launched but according to some of its spy images it seems to be amazing and futuristic design.Honda activa is most trusted brand in india .Let see how its new sibling impact on younger generation of India.Honda Grazia price is approx 60,000 x-showroom and can be available in 3-4 color option.Rival of Honda Grazia is Suzuki Access125 and Activa125 in this 125cc segment.

Honda Grazia Graphics and exterior➤

We not yet physical see the model but as per the leaked image GRAZIA looks marvelous and kind of similar like dio 2017 model.The Grazia gets futuristic like semi-digital instrument console, which help the new scooter have a really upmarket feel. Up front, you get a really unique design that features a wide headlamp cluster and a lot of usage of black fiber .It also looks like Honda Activa 122 and Scooters India will offer some solid paint options on this new 125cc scooter. We are 100% sure that the new Honda Grazia automatic scooter would appeal to all those looking for something more then activa, stylish and powerful 125cc gearless scooter.

Honda Grazia Mileage city and highway➤

as we know that engine came from the Activa 125, the mileage will be the same. Safely approx this 125cc automatic scooter to deliver a mileage of 50 to 60 kmpl.Although weight factor can be different from activa 125.

Honda Grazia engine Specifications➤

The engine capacity for the Grazia 125cc scooty comes from the Activa 125.It gives Maximum power of 8.52 BHP @ 6,500 RPM and a peak torque of 10.54 Nm @ 5,000 RPM. The motor comes mated to a CVT gear. This engine is known to offer a enough acceleration and performance is commendable. Compare to to the Activa 125, the new 125cc automatic scooter will have an optional 190 mm front disc brakes.which is very helpful in braking.

Honda Grazia Features➤

It has a Front Disc Brake .An Electric Start button .Grazia has unique Design and equipped with Telescopic Front Forks.Alloy Wheels also help in mileage and riding range.The Attractive Metallic Paint Options is key success of honda Grazia.Large Headlampand Mobile Charging Socket with Digital Speedo Console is trend in scooter these days.

Honda Grazia Price INR➤

Price is not yet Disclose by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India but we presume that it would be between 58000-61000 as per the current market and rivals available in this segments. Honda is known for its engine and now its shooting up its graph in design category.


So if you want a trustful engine with style then this would be your pick, because in term of engine and performance in day to day life honda did a really good job.Final conclusion will be set when product  launch in market and customers confront it for first time.If you have any questions regarding Honda Griza feel free to comment down below.

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

New Bajaj Pulsar NS200 ABS (2017 model) Review

New Bajaj Pulsar NS200 ABS (2017 model) Review

Bajaj Auto Ltd. recently launched Pulsar NS200-ABS.Its price is approx Rs 1,10,000 (ex-showroom,price may vary).It is approx 12,000 more then the NON-ABS variant available in market.Although mileage of the Pulsar NS200 is remain same and there is no particulate changes in motorcycle. Bajaj Auto Ltd,early this year launched BS-4 version of pulsar NS200 .It gives direct competition to Apache rtr 200 and other 200cc bikes in this category.This is much awaited version of Pulsar NS200. Many customers were looking for this.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 ABS Body Colors

Body paint and graphics of pulsar ns200 is really amazing .White line across the body suits perfect and gives bold look to bike.Mainly bike is available in three colors.

  1. Wild Red
  2. Mirage White
  3. Graphite 

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 ABS Features and Instrument Cluster

PUlsar NS has really Stylish mag wheels with red reflectors. 55V halogen lamp is perfect for night ride.
It has Tubeless Tyre which is good for long highway rides. Nitrox Monoshock Suspension is a bit stiff side but it filter socks really well.Semi-digital speedo console is verly informative.Clip-on styled handlebars enhance its look.Self-cancelling indicators is special feature for this bike .overall graphics and design of bike in looks new and attract young generation.Pulsar NS200 is sibling of Pulsar RS200 but it comes under street naked bike segment.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 Acceleration From 0-100 Kmph

                         0-100 KMPH
9.5 SEC

We have tested Bajaj Pulsar on race track and the figure we get is 9.55 Sec.Although it is approx figure because it depends on many factors like weight of the rider,wind,Tyre pressure and any other changes with exhaust.

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 top Speed on race track

We have tested Pulsar ns200 and rider achieved 150 kmph top speed .but our GPS System Shows 135 kmph which is more accurate then speedometer.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 ABS Mileage in City and Highway

45 kmpl
49 kmpl

In city it gives around 45 kmpl and on highway it gives 49 kmpl mileage.although it depends on the rider that he rides 60-80 kmph and abstain from hard acceleration to achieve higher mileage during long ride.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Engine Specifcation

The new 2017 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 has 199.5 cc, 4-stroke engine which gives around 23.52 PS at 9500 rpm maximum power and 18.3 Nm at 8000 rpm peak has 6-speed transmission. Front Suspension is Conventional Telescopic Forks and rear is mono-shock.Pulsar rs200 is equipped with Single Channel ABS.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Dimensions

It has very good 167 MM of ground clearance .which is superb for band indian roads.Wheelbase is 1363 MM good for riding quality.Fuel tank is 12.0 LTR which is adequate for Street bike.Weight of PULSAR NS200 is 152 Kg.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Riding Quality

Bold shape means that it feels heavy and more muscular. Its thicker handlebar grips have an enhanced graphics and reinforce the feel of control, Although it being a large bike. Riding the bike is simple and enjoyable: the overall seating position is Adequate upright, ideal for moving through city traffic, and the seat has been positioned higher in respect with a shortened wheelbase, lending it greater agility. The seat is solid but can feel a little too much soft– you’ll start to notice it on long journeys.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Tyre Size

Pulsar NS200 has alloy wheels. The front tyre is a 100/80 x R17 inch, 52P, and the rear is a 130/70 x R17 inch, and Tyre pressure 61P.The Bike tyre is bit slipery in wet condition,Any other good tyre(Michelin,perrelli,MRF) for Pulsar NS will do the work for you.

Reasons to Buy Bajaj Pulsar NS200

It is a high-performance 200CC bike with a strong and capable chassis and excellent handling city as well as highway. Adequate performance of the Pulsar NS200 doesn’t disappoint, it is one of the best deals in the Segment and worth it.


Many customers is waiting for the ABS version of Pulsar NS200 since it was launched early this year.Pulsar NS200 is value for money and made up for indian roads.Please take a test ride before make your mind for Pulsar NS 200.Rivals of this bike is Apache rtr 200.We already compare these two bikes.
Please Ask any of your question by Comment below.
Must Watch Comparison between Apache rtr 200 and Pulsar NS200

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