Lamborghini to Go Fully Electric Before 2030

 Did all this talk about electric cars make you feel like you want to cash your car and buy an EV? Well, even the big brands are thinking the same way.

Lamborghini has announced a three-phase electrification plan running through 2030. The brand will gradually move from thermal to electric. The days of heat engines are coming to an end in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

All manufacturers must adapt to the transformation of the automotive market and inevitable electrification. This is why Lamborghini has unveiled a three-phase plan for the evolution of its products and its infrastructure.


Lamborghini to Go Fully Electric Before 2030

Getting the Best of Two Worlds

Drawing the contours of this revolution, the CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, said they want to keep the DNA of the brand unchanged and to maintain the true car value, but want to reduce the emissions by at least 50%  starting from 2025 onward.

The brand with the Taurus sign, which still uses V8, V10, and V12 atmospheric and turbocharged will go through a real change.

The plan will unfold in three phases that will take Lamborghini towards the electric car at the end of the decade.

  1. The first part of this plan will thus close the chapter on the combustion engine. A decision that already marks the turning point will surely make noise among the brand's lovers.
  2. The second will start in 2023 with the production of the hybrid series.
  3. While the third part will begin in the latter half of the decade with the introduction of the first fully electric car.

Bye Bye Combustion Engine

The automaker is planning several models over the next two years to pay tribute to the brand's history.  Lamborghini will honor the combustion engine that marked its first decades by launching the last model in 2024 in limited versions.

During the past 15 years, the brand has established itself in the luxury supercar market. And with the arrival of the Urus, Lamborghini got into the premium SUV segment.

This gasoline engine last-ditch will see the arrival of two naturally aspirated V12 models, which Lamborghini will announce this year.

The First Step in Electrification

Lamborghini launched its first car equipped with a hybrid system, Sian FKP 37, in 2019. However, hybridization will make a comeback in 2023

Lamborghini promises to keep the character and driving experience of its models. It is already working on even lighter carbon to offset the weight of electrification. By 2024, the manufacturer promises that it will have electrified its entire range.

The goal is to reduce the CO2 emissions of its products by half by 2025. For that, this phase of development and arrival of the hybrid will be the most expensive plan that the brand has launched.

Winkelmann has revealed that Lamborghini will invest more than 1.8 $ in four years. It will be as much about technological research as it will be about the modernization of the brand's headquarters infrastructure.

The arrival of an Electric Car After 2025

Lamborghini named the entire program “Cor Tauri”, a name representing Lamborghini's "brightest star in the constellation". It points to the release of a 100% electric vehicle, which will take place after 2025.

Lamborghini hasn’t set a precise date for this “zero-emission” model yet. But this electric car will be a fourth model, not an electric version of an existing product.

Old iconic models like Aventador, Huracan, and Urus will evolve but will remain the brand's lineup until 2025.

This will not be the first evocation of an electric car at Lamborghini, which presented the Terzo Millennio ( Third Millennium)  the concept in 2017. However, this styling exercise did not offer many details and will certainly not serve as a basis to reflect the future electric car.

In addition to the release of this model, Lamborghini plans to evolve its infrastructure.

The 160,000 m2 of the brand's HQ is already carbon-neutral, and it is in a desire to "protect the environment, sustainability of the supply chain and attention to employees" that the manufacturers engage.

“Lamborghini’s electrification plan is a newly-plotted course, necessary in the context of a radically changing world,” said Winkelmann explaining the motive behind this decision of electrification.

This response is a plan with a 360-degree approach that includes Lambo’s products and Sant’Agata Bolognese site.

Lamborghini has always been synonymous with cutting-edge technology and expertise to build efficient engines. This commitment remains the brand’s top priority in this path of innovation.

From manufacturing tractors to ranking among the most expensive loved supercars in the world, Lamborghini has all the trust from its customers who believe the company looks before it jumps Thus, most of them are encouraging this win-win strategy toward a more green planet keeping in mind that the driving experience won’t be affected.

Author: Sultan Asad

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