Honda Activa 6G model Review [Updated BS6]

What comes into your mind while searching for the company in regard to the moped vehicle or Scotty or the two-wheelers. Despite wondering much I would go for the world's largest two-wheelers manufacturing company i.e. HONDA. For decades it has been showing a perfect result and satisfies the needs of the customer. 

Best Activa Model in 2020 

This automobile industry first began to produce two-wheelers in 1949 headquartered in Japan. In India, the automotive plant was set up in 1999, Manesar, Gurgaon. Presently, there are four main states which include Haryana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Gujarat. Honda company is well-known for two-wheel manufacturing products of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, sports bikes. 

The Honda Activa model 6 G is available in two variants: Deluxe and Standard. The standard price in Pune starts from 75,092 and on-road- the price is 83,393 for the Deluxe variant. Comparatively, it is 7500 higher than the Activa 5 -G. With every new generation and dynamics, the company is bringing up-gradation in every model since its first launch. With the launch of Activa 6G, equipped with segment-first features, Activa has another time upped the benchmark. Additionally, said as much as India loves cricket likewise, they also love Activa Honda 6th generation products. 

Honda comes in a unique design with the metal body frame structure and received a minor facelift. The mudguard is now less rounded and appears just like the one on the Activa 125. The side panels haven’t changed that much, but they now have a rather sharper rake towards the rear Activa enthusiasts are happy to understand that the scooter still retains its metal body.

Superior Things Included in Activa 6G- BS-VI-

It has the best mechanism function, Metal Body, Excellent Service Network.

If you are thinking of 'comfort' riding by scooter, then don't think much just go for an Activa 6G BS-VI. Honda Activa HMSI launched the new series in active models keeping in mind the benefits of the customers. This new series of Activa models come with advanced technology with more space having excellent features like 109 displacements which is more powerful in engine capacity and gives a torque output of 8.79 Nm, combi braking system, the silent start system is excellent in its feature. It also gets a USB- charger, and upfront storage system.  BS-VI is more comfortable than previous models like 5G and 4 G. The drum brakes are available on both ends. It has been noticed that HMSI has raised the price of its product selling and gained the hike by Rs.552 from April 2020. Honda Activa 6-G was launched in the month of January in 2020. The prices are the variant and become the most demanding Scotty in the moped vehicles. The features of 6 G come with modern technology like:

  • Engine Displacement - 109 CC
  • Mileage - 10% more
  • Gearbox - CVT
  • Clutch - Automatic
  • Fuel - Petrol/ 5.3 L.
  • Start - Silent starts with ACG.
  • Front Wheel - 90/90-12, Tubeless tire
  •  Fuel Injection- PGM- FI
  • Headlamp- LED DC
  • Switch: Engine start / stop
  • Battery - 3.0 Ah

Moreover, Honda has always been modifying Activa models, the designs remain the same and the scooter also brings unique colors for the needs of the customers. In the 6G model, six colors are included as Dazzle Yellow Metallic, glitter Blue Metallic, Pearl Precious White, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, Black, and Pearl Spartan Red. With the public motive, Black has always been the first option but in this model, the Matte Grey Meta is being popular and became the first preference.

The most popular scooter in the Honda series has now become number one by the clients. With its advanced features like the telescopic suspension helps you to make the ride comfortable even on rough roads. The LED DC headlights give consistent illumination.

A Finance Scheme in Activa 6- G 

Honda two-wheeler has recently introduced a novel finance scheme for its customers across the country. The customer can finance up to 95 percent of the two-wheeler Activa 6-G model. Furthermore, the monthly installment for the primary three months is 50 percent of the EMI amount or Rs 1925 per month for the remaining loan period. The customer can form to 36 months of loan tenure. However, this scheme is barely for a limited fundamental quantity.

If customers are going to buy a brand-new Honda two-wheeler and are willing to avail of this offer, they have to contact their nearest Honda dealerships and check for the provision of the new scheme. This can benefit the customer as they're going to not have to give a large amount each month on the acquisition of their desired two-wheeler.

Festival Discount Offers

An auspicious time of Diwali has begun. Honda company offers a great discount on Activa 6 G- BS-VI for the people of India. Lots of people think of purchasing or replacing two-wheelers and take the benefits of the companies which provide discounts and offers in vehicles. That is how Honda company announces a discount on popular scooters from one dealership to another. There are 34 Honda Showrooms in Pune where Activa 6- G BS VI is for sale. You can also check for amazing festival offers on tractor price. The best dealership with the testing providing facility and the discount offers avail at prices and EMI starts from Rs. 2778 in Pune, for a limited duration of time in Pune.

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