Top 10 things to carry on Ladakh Bike Trip

ladakh trip
Leh/Ladakh bike trip

If you are planning to go long bike trip Leh/Ladakh bike trip then you are at right place. We tell you exactly what to carry on your motorcycle. Here is a complete list of essential Things to carry on Ladakh Bike trip. We all know that Leh/Ladakh has a highest motorable road in India. Every youngster has a dream to ride a bike in Leh/Ladakh and it is not difficult if you take proper planning and have the important thing you need during your ride. We have consulted many riders and finally make a complete checklist for you. Please check these things and we have provided best buy links for you so you can buy these things in one go.

1)Helmet Full  face


This is a very essential thing in a long trip. Make sure you buy full face helmet with good quality. Here is a complete list of available.Our Recommendation ➔ helmets under 2000 rupees.

2)Riding Jacket

Riding jacket
Riding jacket

Riding jacket helps to protect you from injury and any weather changes make sure you buy an only waterproof jacket with elbow guard and knee guard. Here we have a complete list where you can choose from. This is very essential gear and lasts for many years.
Our Recommendation ➔Best Riding jacket List 



Buy a good grip glove which is well insulated and give protection to hand as well. We show completes the list of gloves within your budget. Our Recommendation ➔Best Gloves List 

4)Sunglasses with UV protection

UV Sunglasses

ON higher altitude sun rays can damage your eyes and skin so be prepared for that. Use good quality polarised or UV protected Sunglasses. It will help you to look clear during the long trip and protect your eyes. This is also a very important thing to carry on a long trip.
Our Recommendation ➔Best UV Sunglasses

5)Riding boots

Riding boots
Riding boots

Riding boots should be waterproof and made-up of good material. Here are cheap and best boots everyone is buying Our Recommendation ➔ Best Riding Boots

6)Put Off-road tires

off road tyres
off road tyre

If you are planning to go on mountains like Leh/Ladakh then off-road tire should be with you. It helps you to move more confidently and your bike will not be stuck in any potholes or muddy area. There are many off-road tires available online you can check here.
Our Recommendation ➔Best Off-road tyre

7)Extra fuel carry can

Only some rides like Leh/Ladakh required fuel carrying cans. If your bike has less then 12 liters of fuel capacity then you will need this. Although it is not that much necessary other than mountain rides. You can buy these things from here Our Recommendation ➔USE Spare bottles


Luggage Rope

You will need Rope with elasticity and without elasticity to do a different task on your long trip. It will help you out to tow your vehicle and mount luggage with no hassle. We recommend you to add extra luggage carrier to stay comfortable. Our RecommendationBest Luggage Rope

9)First Aid Box

First Aid Kit
First AID

 You should have medicines for a headache, fever, stomach ache, cold and cough syrup. Although you can consult your family doctor for essential medicines you need during your ride. You must have FIRST AID KIT to confront any injury during your ride.
Our RecommendationSmall Pouch

10)Foot pump

Foot pump
Foot pump

Foot Pump is another essential thing to carry with you during Ladakh trip. Although it's better to have a tubeless tire on that trip.
It helps you to refuel air in tires whenever you need them because on that off-road you have to reduce the tire pressure for better grip. Our RecommendationBest Foot Pump

11)Motorcycle Tank Bags

Tank bag
tank bag

This is very important and must have things for a bike trip. It helps you to keep your stuff in front of you and you can access it whenever you want it. It is very convenient for you to put it and remove it. There are many trustable companies making tank bag with a good amount of material. Our RecommendationBest Tank Bag

12)LED Flashlight/Powerbank

Flash light

In a dark Situation, it will help you out. Make sure you carry an extra battery for this or you have to have power bank to charge the device. If you get a head mounted flashlight then it would be great. Our RecommendationFlashlight

13) Sunscreen lotion

UV lotion

UV rays at high altitude can be quite damaging to the skin, even during the harshest of winter, so don’t forget to carry a good quality sunscreen lotion eg. Lotus Herbal Sun Screen Lotion with the rating of SPF30 or higher and apply it properly before going out in the sun.Our Recommendation
Best SunScreen


IF you are preparing for a long trip like Leh Ladakh then this is what you gonna need. Make sure you check each product online to get a better price and follow our facebook page Auto advice and youtube channel for better awareness about automobile news and tips.

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