Hyundai Santro facelift 2018
Hyundai Santro 2018

yes! you heard it right. Hyundai is planning to launch its new model "Hyundai Santro facelift 2018" in India by the end of 2018.Company's director has revealed some detailed about its upcoming Santro.The new model will be debut in auto expo this year.
Hyundai Santro facelift 2018 is available for sale on the festival season of  Diwali.Hyundai may also launch AMT variant of Santro.This could be the best entry-level hatchback in India.The first model of Hyundai Santro was launched in 1998.Hyundai Santro facelift 2018 compete with Maruti Celerio and Wagon-R.Interior and exterior of Hyundai Santro facelift are completely new and premium.

Hyundai Santro facelift 2018 price ➤

Price of new Santro 2018 model is around 3-4 lakh and could be slightly expensive than Hyundai Eon.Price may vary after the final product launch and may be different for a different variant.Hyundai maybe added an AMT variant to this model.Hyundai Santro facelift 2018 is considered as an entry-level premium hatchback in India.

Engine Specifications ➤

Hyundai Santro facelift 2018 may have 1000cc engine and product of this engine has been started.Hyundai may include AMT variant of Santro.Other specifications are not yet revealed.Stay tuned for Auto advice for more update about Hyundai Santro 2018.Expected specifications are

  • Maximum Power Output 68 HP @ 6200 RPM
  • Maximum Torque Output 94 Nm @ 3500 RPM
  • Transmission                         5-Speed MT / 5-Speed AMT

Hyundai Santro facelift 2018 Mileage ➤

Expected mileage of Hyundai Santro is around 20-22KMPL in the real world.Mileage could vary because actual engine specifications are not yet revealed.But this car is may win many awards as an entry-level hatchback.There are many good cars available in the market in term of mileage: Maruti Alto, Renault Kwid, and Maruti Celerio.

Hyundai Santro facelift 2018 launch date➤

MD of Hyundai said that new model may launch on festive season of Diwali.and they are taking the final call to decide the name of this model.This model is showcased in an upcoming auto expo in India.Hyundai MD said that they are under pressure from Dealer and lots of customers to bring back the Santro name.

Verdict ➤

If you are planning to buy a new entry-level hatchback in India and your budget is around 3.5 to 4.5 lakh then you should consider Hyundai Santro face-lift 2018.Santro is a trustable brand and every Santro owner is happy with their choice.Hyundai Santro will launch during Diwali of this year.
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