Tesla Model X‬ Price and Launch date in India 2018

Tesla Model X‬ Price and Launch date in India 2018

NIO‬, Tesla Model X‬ Price and Launch date in India 2018
The Tesla Model X is one of the fastest SUVs electric vehicle available in the Automobile industry. Tesla model X Offered with an all-wheel-drive(AWD) features, the Tesla SUV's riding range is 475km in a single charge.It's a seven seater car.The Model X is quick and it can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 2.9seconds. Cargo space of this car is amazing you can fold last two seats to increase boot space. In the US market, it is available as a six-seater, five-seater, and seven-seater options.

Tesla Model X Exterior Design

Tesla Model X is one of the most advanced vehicles in the world. Its design is futuristic and aerodynamic curves are stunning.
It gets features like active safety and maps with traffic information, navigation technologies, including impact avoidance and automatic emergency braking, LED fog lamp to light up the road enough bright, dynamic LED turning signal lights, automatic keyless entry is also a good feature of Tesla Model X.Falcon Wing doors enhance convenience of passengers to sit on second and third rows.Model X has the widest all-glass panoramic windshield which gives the better view from inside.

Tesla Model X Price in India and US

Tesla Model X price starts at $79,500 in the US and approximately Rs 53 lakh* in India.Price may vary because the Actual product does not yet launch.Once it is available in Tesla Showroom we will provide you full Price range figure.It is available in six-seater, five-seater, and seven-seater options.

Tesla Model X Seating and Storage

Model X has the most storage boot space as compared to any SUV available in the market worldwide.Tesla X capable of seating for up to seven adults. Rear Seats are foldable and can be used as storage space. Tesla X Available in 3 seating configurations, Tesla Model X can be Modified as per your need and convenience.Tesla Model X doesn't have big engine So it has a big trunk space on the front side of the vehicle.

Tesla Model X  Safety

Model X is the safest SUV in the world, It has 360-degree vision camera and twelve ultrasonic sensors provide information about surrounding objects. Forward-facing radar system sees through heavy dust, rain, fog, to prevent accidents.Tesla Model X providing simultaneous visibility in every possible direction. Model X  achieve a 5-star rating in every category of safety.This Suv consider being safe as compared to any other Suv on road till date.

Tesla Model X interior features

Model X has HEPA filtration system that provides Medical-grade air quality, This filter prevents viruses and bacteria from entering the cabin.This model X capable of full Self-Driving Hardware.Maybe this feature is not available in Indian model X.

Tesla Model X Longest Range

Tesla X has amazing riding range of 295 miles .which is on a single charge, with unlimited use to Tesla's global charging network in the country.

Tesla Model X Dimensions

Overall Length

5036.8 mm

Overall Width
2070.1 mm
Overall Height

1676.4 mm
2964.2 mm

Ground Clearance
162 mm

Kerb Weight
3190 kg

Tesla Model X Pros
1. Stunning falcon wing doors are the best attractive thing.
2. Security features are best in class.
3. Acceleration and top speed are exceptional.

Tesla Model X Cons
1. The expensive price tag may be a drawback.
2. Cost of maintenance could be high.

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